Real Estate Closing Checklist for Buyers

Congratulations, you are almost the owner of a new home! It is an exciting time, and it is important to celebrate every step of the real estate buying process. 

Before you can move into your new home, there are a few critical steps to complete. As a buyer, it is essential to check off every requirement to avoid issues and delays at closing.

Buying a home is often the largest purchase a person makes in their life. Before signing any paperwork, you must review and understand the documents. A real estate lawyer is beneficial in explaining the complicated legal documents and inspecting the contracts. To assist with the buying process, below is a buying guide and buyer’s checklist to help new home buyers. This helpful guide will review the closing timeline, answer common questions, and provide a closing checklist for real estate buyers.

Buying a home is generally a long, complicated process with many steps and procedural formalities. The Offer to Purchase begins the process and includes the price the buyer will pay for the property, the closing date, contingencies that must be met, and other important terms and conditions for the transaction. Once an offer is accepted, it is time to prepare for closing.

Hiring an experienced real estate lawyer and realtor make the closing process significantly smoother. These professionals are valuable in assisting you through the stressful contract-to-closing period. If you are looking for a South Carolina real estate lawyer to help you with the closing of your new home, contact Bradley K. Richardson, P.C.

Real Estate Closing Checklist for Sellers

Congratulations, you received and accepted an offer to sell your house! Before you can collect the proceeds of your sale, you must close the real estate transaction.

A real estate closing is the transfer of property ownership from the seller to the buyer. This complicated process has many steps and procedural formalities that make up the closing timeline. Below is a breakdown of what sellers can expect during the closing process and a helpful real estate closing checklist for sellers. This guide splits the closing timeline into four phases:

• Offer

• Contingencies

• Title Work

• Closing

Hiring a real estate attorney makes selling real estate significantly smoother. If you are looking for a South Carolina real estate attorney to help close on the sale of your property, contact Bradley K. Richardson, P.C.

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